Mehr Raum☺, compiled by Armando Andrade Tudela

Duane Pitre, Feel Free
Günter Schickert, Gitarre Wahnsinn
Egyptian Hip Hop, Strange Vale
The Cure, All Cats Are Grey
Deafheaven, Irresistible
White Llamas, Baby You're Young



Fade Out Mixtape for HD Exhibition

Compiled for "HD", an exhibition by Ceel Mogami and Vianney Fivel featuring Ed Atkins, Elizabeth Price, Laure Prouvost, Jon Rafman and others, LiveInYourHead, Geneva, 29.01-22.02.2014.

The piece was played at the end of a day of activations of the exhibition welcoming interventions by Tim Johnson, Wayne Kostenbaum, Ida Soulard and Stefan Wagner.

It includes bits of Young Echo, Arca, Atom TN, Nate Young, Burial, Koreless, Oneohtrix Point Never, Migrations in Rust and Boards of Canada.

MP3 320 kbps, 84mb.




Hiroshi Satoh, Say Goodbye, 1982



Dedicated To Phil Everly (1939 - 2014)

Video by Ben Russell.


Lost Tapes #04: France

France, s/t
Recorded live in 2006, Clermont-Ferrand

Yann Gourdon, hurdy-gurdy
Jéremie Sauvage, bass
Mathieu Tilly, drums

Lp, December 2010, 500 copies
Les potagers nature / Poutre apparente



More (MMXIII).

Some of the best of this past year's music, luminously all sort of Blues-related songs - yet all in their own, reinvented manner - blended together for your own pleasure. Nothing particularly obscure, experimental or dejected, as of for today: but just a set of twelve beautiful, soulful, lethargic songs that we used to play and enjoy all alone, or with the Family and Friends along the year, and that could nicely accompany you through the rising year's special, melancholic light. This can be considered as a mirror tape of the Summer Mix from July 2013, and played right next to, before or after it. Mixed with care, in one take, despite the mistakes.


Dean Blunt, V
Psychic Ills, FBI
Steve Gunn, New Decline
Alasdair Roberts and Friends, Fusion of Horizons
Bonnie Prince Billy, Ending It (As I Do)
Bill Callahan, Spring
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Higgs Boson Blues
Date Palms, Yuba Source Part II
Midlake, The Old and the Young
Ignatz, Abandon the Night
Ed Askew, Blue Eyed Baby
Arp, More (Blues)

Listen and/or get it here.

Dedicated to the memory of Suzanne Tytelman (1930-2013).


Frozen Warnings (Winter Mixtape)

Catherine Howe, Prologue
Ursula Bogner, Sonne = Blackbox
Red Rhodes, Lunar Nova
Philip Catherine, Nairam
RK Nagati, De l'Orient à l'Orion
Brigitte Fontaine, Il Pleut
Laurence Vanay, Strange Moment
Heron, Yellow Roses
Fairport Convention, Tale in Hard Time
Giles & Fripp, I Talk to the Wind
Randy Burns, Rainy Day Children
Duncan Browne, Alfred Bell
The Advisory Circle, Ceridwen
Bill Fay, Strange Stairway
David Lee Jr., I Want Our Love To Always Last



Exotica Weirdness Ignite Mix

The Lijadu Sisters, 1976

55 minutes of scorching heat with Wally Badarou, Commy Bassey, N'Draman Blintch (feat. William Onyeabor), Ata Kak, The Lijadu Sisters, Joe Moks, Suresh Peters, A. R. Rahman & Shaul Hamid, and some gems whose authors will be kept secret for now.

Download (80Mb)


Riddles of the Sphinx (1977)

Directed by Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen. Music by Mike Ratledge.

Thanks to Olivier Lamm.



Desert Equation

People No Names (Autumn Mixtape)

AR Kane, Spanish Quay
Kalevala, Where I'm From
Judee Sill, The Kiss
Hollins & Starr, Cry Baby Cry
Bonnie Beecher, Come Wander With Me
Peter Wyngard, Once Again (Flight Number 10)
Eden Ahbez, The Wanderer
Thomas Dolby, Airwaves
Dennis Olivieri, I Cry In The Morning
Montage, Grand Pianist
Moonriders, Jealousy
Batsumi, Anishilabi
Horace Silver, The Great American Indian Uprising: The Aztec Sun God
Le Thu, Sao Bien
Stelvio Cipriani, La Polizia Chiede Aiuto