A Hundred Blades (Spring Mixtape)

"In the dark shadows", Serenace, 1968

Rajie, キリンのいる風景
Mariah, 少年 / 視線
Yasuaki Shimizu, Music for Commercials (excerpts)
The Four Sisters, ウーマクカマデー
Testpattern, Friday
Haruomi Hosono & Tadanori Yokoo, Malabar Hotel... Roof Garden... Revel Attack
Geinoh Yamashirogumi, Reincarnation / Chaos / Primordial Germination
Peter Baumann, Phase by Phase
Brian Eno & Jon Hassel, Rising Thermal 14 16' N; 32 28' E
Anonymous Mandigo Song (Liberia)
Don Cherry, Utopia and Visions
Pharoah Sanders, Kazuko (Peace Child)




Best is less. So far.

Aphex Twin, Aisatsana
吉村弘, Dance PM
Tara Jane O'Neil, Elemental Finding
Mark McGuire, The Instinct
Ben Frost, Secant
Swans, She Loves Us
Marissa Nadler, I've Got Your Name
Grouper, Labyrinth

Photograph by Simon Haenni.



Sunday Evening

Thanks to Sébastien Roux for this.



To Tangerine Dream's Edgar Froese (1935-2015).


Clear Eyes, Full Hearts (Winter Mixtape)

William Morris, 1885

Haruomi Hosono, Windy Land
Bröselmaschine, Nossa Bova
Comus, The Herald
Cortex, Chanson d'un jour d'hiver
Vladimir Cosma, Neige et Métal
Janko Nilovic & Camille Sauvage, Shepherd's Song
Mortimer, Where Dragons Guard the Doors
The Left Banke, Ivy Ivy
Mia, Imagen II
John Martyn, Back To Stay
Ike Mathews, So Quiet
Incredible String Band, First Girl I Loved
Marcos Valle, Bodas De Sangue
Gary Shearston, Faded Streets, Windy Weather
Blue Gene Tyranny, Leading a Double Life




The Splinter In Your Eye Is The Best Magnifying Glass (Autumn Mixtape)

"Temple to temple", Bayer, 1970

Tsutsui Yasutaka & Yamashita Yosuke, IE (excerpts)
Hiroshi Sato, Jo-Do
Haruomi Hosono, Luminescent/Hotaru
Masami Tsuchiya, Rice Music
Koharu Kisaragi, でぱーと
Ryuichi Sakamoto, Plastic Bamboo
UV POP, Psalm
Flash And The Pan, California
Section 25, Inspiration
Milton Nascimento, Minas
John & Beverley Martyn, Auntie Aviator
Georges Delerue, Brouillard
Wasurerogusa, レム王子、旅に出る


Dream Keeper


In memoriam Charlie Haden (1937-2014)


Hymn #6

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, What We Loved Was Not Enough


Underground. (Mixtape).

10 Hauntings. Ghosts of The Golden Age in the Last Decade of French Hip Hop.

Prodige Namor Featuring Les Nubians – Retour Vers Le Futur (2009)
Sept et Lartizan – Seigneurs de l'underground Featuring DJ Skeezo (2008)
Nysay – Putain j'ai trop la rage! (2004)
Freeman – Interlude (2004)
IAM – Notre Dame Veille (2013)
Faf Larage & Akhenaton – Le Sens Du Mot Flow (2011)
Madizm – L'oeil de la reflexion (2003)
Zoxea – C'est Nous Les Reustas feat Busta Flex (2012)
Sept et Lartizan – Désintegration Featuring DJ Banal (2008)
Oxmo Puccino Featuring Le Célèbre Bauza – 1er Suicide (2009)

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Le Futur. (Mixtape).

10 Intersideral Travels in Recent French Hip Hop Futuristic Sound Productions.

Zesau – DIRTY.N.T.R.O (2012)
Booba – Double Poney (2009)
Alkpote – L'empereur (2008)
Niro – Fenwick (2011)
Sept et Lartizan – Correspondances Featuring Faro (2008)
Faf Larage – Untitled (2013)
Kaaris – Binks (2014)
Nysay – On Baise La Concurrence Featuring Sinik (2006)
Zesau – Appelle La Rue Featuring Doyen OG (2012)
Booba – C'est La Vie Featuring 2Chanz (2012)

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Henri-Georges Clouzot's Inferno (French title: L'Enfer d'Henri-Georges Clouzot) is a film directed, written and produced by Henri-Georges Clouzot, cinematography by Andréas Winding and Armand Thirard, which remained unfinished in 1964.

The film depicts the extreme jealousy of a hotelier, Marcel (Serge Reggiani, then 42 years old), towards his wife, Odette (Romy Schneider, then 26 years old). It was shot partly in black-and-white, partly in colour. Clouzot selected the title as an allusion to Dante's Inferno, and the names Odette and Marcel refer to characters inMarcel Proust's novel À la recherche du temps perdu.

Despite an unlimited budget from Columbia Pictures—Clouzot worked with three crews and 150 technicians—the shooting was beset by severe problems: everyone suffered from the record heat during July in the Cantal region; the main actor Serge Reggiani claimed to be ill (Jean-Louis Trintignant was asked to replace him); the artificial lake below the Garabit viaduct, an important part of the location, was about to be emptied by the local authorities; then Clouzot suffered a heart attack and was hospitalised in Saint-Flour. After three weeks, the film was abandoned.

See Serge Bromberg's full-length semi-documentary (2009) here.


Middle of the Summer

Purple Flower, In Memoriam Yusef Lateef (1920-2013).


Back To Scales (Summer Mixtape)

Ian Hamilton Finlay, Laconic, 1987

Midori Takada, Crossing
Tortoise, Ten-Day Interval
Laurent Petitgirard, Ballade pour Cathy
Emil Richards, Topaz (November)
Nits, A Touch of Henry Moore
John Barry, This Way Mary
Admas, Astawesalehu
Fox, The Juggler
Abel, I Gotta Woman
McDonald & Giles, Flight of the Ibis
Jack Johnson, Witchi Tai To (feat. Harpers Bizarre)
Moonriders, Goodbye Dream of Dawn