1990 : Allen Ginsberg

Somewhere in Paris, 1990, November 7th : Allen Ginsberg sings poems by William Blake, "gospel-buddhist-dharma-country-western-standards", and some of his Beat Manifestos.
Here are some excerpts, exclusively on S/M/S, you'll never find these versions anywhere else.

Allen Ginsberg, The Tyger (from William Blake, Songs of Experience, 1794)
Allen Ginsberg, Don't Smoke


Too High To Move (summer mixtape)

Erwin Blumenfeld, New York, 1942

Hypnotic krautrococo melodies, psychedelic balearic waves, and exotica weirdness unpolished diamonds. This is music for hotel resorts and late swimmers. No tracklist.

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TAME IMPALA, Expectations


Magick Dance / Dark Esoterica Disco Tracks

Shot from Lucifer Rising by Kenneth Anger, 1972

Bobby Beausoleil and the Freedom Orchestra, Part V, from "Lucifer Rising"
Venus Gang, Dies Irae (Ecclesiastic Disco), from "Galactic Soul"
Bruce Haack, Haackula 10, from "Haackula"



Armin Linke, Mountain with Antennas, Kitakyushu Japan, 2006

Mount Vernon Arts Lab, Magic Carpet Ride
Fuck Buttons, Space Mountains

Islanders #4

Marie Voignier's Hinterland, video still (2009)

Dolphins Into The Future, Aftermath-Isle Of Self

Leyland Kirby, Stralauer Peninsula


The Antique

Gustave Le Gray, Baalbek, Bacchus Temple, 1860 / Le Corbusier, Open Hand Monument, c. 1953

Antiquity is our Modernity: Sounds that Cast lots of Shadows is a Summer Mixtape specially and diachronically selected and mixed in order to be listened during the hottest of the four temperate seasons, through the most discrete perception you can, anywhere you want, whatever you do - whatever. Ever.

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The Focus Group, Pan Calling
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O., Trinité Orphique
Tony Conrad With Faust, The Pyre Of Angus Was In Kathmandu
Michael Pisaro (perf. Greg Stuart), The Endless Column (excerpt)
Atlas Sound, Attic Lights
Stellar Om Source, The Oracle (excerpt)
Sun Araw, The Phynx
Om, Thebes
Six Organs Of Admittance, Assyria
Shri Swifty & The Mandali Of Mantra, Atlantis Emerges (excerpt) repost
Fuck Buttons, Olympians

New Monuments

The image of entropy

Richard Kostelanetz, in an article on "Inferential Arts," quotes Robert Smithson's Entropy and the New Monuments as saying of recent towering sculptures of basic shapes that they are "not built for the ages but rather against the ages" and "have provided a visible analogue for the Second Law of Thermodynamics". Surely the popular use of the notion of entropy has changed. If during the last century it served to diagnose, explain, and deplore the degradation of culture, it now provides a positive rationale for "minimal" art and the pleasures of chaos.

Rudolf Arnheim, "Entropy and Art, an Essay on Disorder and Order", University Of California Press, Berkeley - Los Angeles - London, 1971

Oneohtrix Point Never, Young Beidnahga