Lost Tapes #03: Albert Marcoeur / This Heat (1982)

This Heat / Albert Marcœur, Untitled (Cassette, Limited Edition), Tago Mago, France, 1982.


Zeuhl Constellation Mixtape

Köhntarkösz, Live at the BBC, London, 1974 by Magma
Mekanik Machine, 1974 by Magma
Soleil D'Ork, 1978, by Jannick Top
Africa Anteria, 1972, by Univeria Zekt
Elohims Voyage, 1978, by Weidorje
Voir et Pouvoir, 1980, by Guy Skornik
Ehn Deiss, 1990, by Offering

Seven Tracks. 70' of Zeuhl Music. Mixing proto-Magma material to para- and post- Magma bands, from Vander related music to legendary tracks that were supposedely played by Magma musicians.

Can be downloaded here.



"An uncompromising example of old school avant-garde cinema at its most cryptic, enigmatic and inscrutable": Philipe Garrel's Le Bleu des Origines (1979) starring Nico, Zouzou and Jean Seberg.


Lost Tapes #02: Steve Gunn (2007)

Steve Gunn, S/T, CD-R, 2007



Song to Implore the End of the Winter

Alvarius B & Cerberus Shoal, Ding


Lost Tapes #01: Ilyas Ahmed & Elizabeth Harris Duo (2010)

Ilyas Ahmed & Elizabeth Harris Duo, Live at Aquarius Records Instore, San Francisco, Sunday September 5th, 2010. Initally released on Social Music Record + Tape Club.