Clear Skies Pure Hearts Red Eyes (Another Spring Compilation)

Clear Skies Pure Hearts Red Eyes

Here is a new Spring compilation we had the pleasure to curate for our dearest friends of Rock This Town (RTT), music programers based in Geneva that represent some of the finest amateurs of refined musical rarities in Calvin City. We would like thank them for having invited us to select the eighth installment of their very nice guest playlists series. 

"Today it is the third or fourth day of spring and I am sitting at the Place Clichy in full sunshine. Today, sitting here in the sun, I tell you it doesn’t matter a damn whether the world is going to the dogs or not; it doesn’t matter whether the world is right or wrong, good or bad. It is -- and that suffices." 

Henry Miller, Black Spring

Bruce Langhorne, Spring

John Martyn, Go Easy
Bob Dylan, Only a Hobo
Mike Gangloff, Snowbird
Steve Gunn, Drifter
Sun Kil Moon, Dogs
Gary Higgins, It Didn't Take Too Long
Weyes Blood, February Skies
Real Estate, Past Lives
Baden Powell, Violao Vadio
Norberto Lobo, Fran
Smog, Four Hearts In A Can
Glen Hansard, White Sulfur
Robbie Basho, Lament For the Earth
Appendix Out, Drinking Milk Again
Stag Hare, To Coyoto To Hop
Mariah, 心臓の扉
Amen Dunes, Love
Panda Bear, Tropic of Cancer
Arthur Russell, Close My Eyes
Peter Walker, Spring



The Sun

John Coltrane + Alice Coltrane, The Sun
Harold Budd + Ruben Garcia + Daniel Lentz, La Muchacha De Los Sueños Dorados
Paul Bley, Nothing Ever Was, Anyway
Erik Satie, Gnossienne N. 04
Ryuichi Sakamoto, Bolerish
Aksak Maboul, Chanter est Sain

Clark, Strength Through Fragility
Drake, Madonna
Arca, Held Apart
Oneohtrix Point Never, Replica
Pierre Boulez, Piano Sonata 3 Formant 2: Trope: 3. Parenthèse
John Cage, In a Landscape

Drawing by Fernand Deligny

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