Cosmic Overdose

Jeff Phelps, Excerpts From Autumn
Nasmak, Silhouette
Tom Ware, Chinatown
Xynn, Computed Man
Richard Bone, Mambopolis


Warm Moving Bodies

Scritti Politti, Don't Work That Hard
The Del-Byzanteens, Draft Riot
Utopia, Set Me Free
Loop, Arc-Lite (Sonar)


Exotica Weirdness (Serpentine)

The Barbecues, Otswe'nu
Secret Chiefs 3, Ishraqiyum
Bob James, Nautilus
Roland Bocquet, Djerba*


THE WORLD AS PARODY by Nathaniel Mellors

A special guest post by Nathaniel Mellors on the occasion of ‘Ourhouse E3 feat. BAD COPY’ at Matt's Gallery, London.

Ourhouse - Trailer Feb 2012 from Nathaniel Mellors on Vimeo.

Page 3 of Matt's Gallery's current white-book "Ourhouse E3 feat. BAD COPY"

My mate Chris told me this was written by some French bloke :

MAD DOG DEON; On & Off Script.

Mad Dog Deon, improving Jeremy Kyle’s world. Jeremy Kyle is always in control of the script. But Mad Dog has written his own script - on his face.


Crispin Glover also writes his own scripts – on Letterman’s face:

a classic.

And the return appearance – Crispin’s 2nd strategy is hysterical

I like the way Crispin avoids doing anything but laugh up until the break. Interestingly, Letterman is not very interested in the interesting. Then Crispin produces a FORM of SCULPTURE and becomes highly animated.

And the third appearance – invocation of the doppelganger.

Ourhouse E3 feat. Bad Copy (2012) - installation view, Matt's Gallery, London.

The animatronic sculpture ‘BAD COPY’ is an elaboration of the double character Dr.Tony /Father Griffin played by Roger Sloman, an actor that I grew up with and always loved, he permeates British TV comedy from the 1970’s onwards. For example here’s ‘3 Fingered Pete’ from Blackadder (1983)


CAVE MODERN - people are re-noticing the connection between I.T. and geology.  It’s all media, innit!? In Britain and Ireland everything is made out of stone – all the buildings and the peoples too. Maybe this is why we struggle with sculpture – it’s petrifying (1).


A. 1971 The Stone Tape

B. 1977  The Children of the Stones

C. 1981 Stig of the Dumpstone

BAD COPY COPY BAD warming to this theme, a current exhibition:

As the Chaff’ said to me as we perambulated ourselves through the rooms of ‘Picasso and Modern British Art’,  “apparently there was none”.

So, to conclude then :

BJ THE MESSENGER – “Crackhead"

(1) See ‘Venus of Truson’, etc.

Indian Spring

Alastair Galbraith, Navajo


House Classic

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Love in Mind: Soft Power (vol. 5)

Daryl Hall, Eyes For You (Ain't No Doubt About It)
Fleetwood Mac, Only Over You
Rick Wright, Mediterranean C
Tom Waits, Jersey Girl
John Lennon, Bless You
Neil Young, Love In Mind
Crosby & Nash, Frozen Smiles (repost)
Rickie Lee Jones, The Last Chance Texaco
Rita Coolidge, The Jealous Kind
Carole King, Way Over Yonder


Dome Music

The Climatron is a greenhouse enclosed in a geodesic dome that is part of the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis. Initiated by then Garden director Frits W. Went the dome is the world's first completely air-conditioned greenhouse and the first geodesic dome to be enclosed in rigid Plexiglass (Perspex) panels. Completed in 1960, it was designed by T.C. Howard, of Synergetics, Inc., Raleigh, NC. The broad climactic range within the dome, which recreates a lowland rain forest, is achieved by sophisticated climate controls without using interior partitions.


Solar Bridges

James Ferraro, Solar Panel Smile
Emeralds, Magic



Instant Replay

Frederic Rzewski, Attica
Paddy McAloon, Orchid 7


Trailer Mixtape

Enjoy a mixtape of film trailers. DOWNLOAD.

Exotica Weirdness (Underwater)

Tonto's Expanding Head Band, Riversong
Brian Briggs, A.E.O (part. 1 & 2)