Demons Dance Alone

D'eon, Palinopsia Intro + Almost Out of Time
Airbird, Part Of The Game
Games, Heartlands
Hype Williams, Blue Dream
Discodeine, Antiphonie
Hyperion, The Waves
Prins Thomas, Uggebugg
Toro Y Moi, New Beat
The Samps, YellowJacket
LA Vampires featuring Matrix Metals, Don't Dance Alone


I Can't Hear You : I Have Bananas In My Ears

1. The Tom & Marty Band, Preludes
2. Folke Rabe, Was
3. Bernard Hermann, Twisted Nerve
4. Florence Foster Jenkins, Der Hölle Rache
5. Michael Nyman, The Otherwise Very Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz


Steve Gunn. No Atlas


The Constellation

Pierre Yves Macé, Le Sentiment De La Nature Aux Buttes-Chaumont, Partie 1, Partie 2, Partie 3

i. Auschauende Idee
ii. Garden (le sentiment de la nature)
iii. Modern taste for disaster
iv. Chez André Breton
v. Les Buttes-Chaumont (un dimanche)
vi. Nocturne
vii. Hiératique amour
viii. Statue's speech
ix. Plate-forme
x. Le pont des suicides
xi. La constellation

P.s.: "Therefore, I was walking intoxicated amidst a thousand divine concretions. I set myself the task to conceive of a mythology in progress". (Louis Aragon)


Movies & Drawings

Johannes & Samuel Nyholm





White Groove


James Blake, Limit to Your Love
Mark Almond, The City
Harry Nilsson, Early In The Morning (repost)
Talking Heads, Once In The Lifetime
Swans Way, Soul Train (12" Version)
Ariel Pink With Added Pizzazz, In The Heat Of The Night
Arthur Russell, Make 1, 2
T.Rex, Planet Queen
Christine Perfect, I'd Rather Go Blind (repost)
Josephine Foster & The Supposed, John Ave. Seen from the Gray Train
Karen Dalton, Little Bit of Rain
Hall & Oates, Do What You Want, Be What You Are

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Robert Rauschenberg posing in 1951 with a White Painting in four panels (lost).

“On the one hand there is the condition of a priceless archive, the body of an irreplaceable copy, a letter or a painting, an absolutely unique event (whose rarity can give rise to surplus value and speculation). But there is also paper as a support or backing for printing, for technical reprinting, and for reproducibility, replacement, prosthesis, and hence also for the industrial commodity, use and exchange value, – and finally for the throwaway object, the abjection of litter.” Jacques Derrida, Paper Machine, 2005

Cecil Taylor, (unrecorded silence)
Ikue Mori, Rien

Is this hypnagogic advertisement?


Sunday Walk

Hailing from Naples, Italy, Saint Just was initially the trio of singer Jane Sorrenti, guitarist/bassist/singer Antonio Verde, and saxophonist Robert Fix. They envisioned a much grander sound than they could create alone, and thus for their 1973 debut self-titled album, they brought in keyboardist Mario D'Amora, drummer/percussionist Antonio Esposito, and guitarist Gianni Guarracino. This lineup was evidently unstable, for by the time they recorded the La Casa Sul Lago album the following year, only Sorrenti and Verde remained, although Saint Just itself had expanded to a quintet. And even in this form, the group didn't remain on the scene long; not surprising considering the members were pulling in several different directions at once -- improvisational jazz, folk, and classical. Saint Just's two shortest numbers, the delicate "Dolci Momenti," and the folky, fairground flavored title track, wisely didn't mix and match their genres. On the rest of the album, however, the band created extended (each over six minutes long), segmented songs, which provided the space required to explore each style in turn. The epic, ten minute "Il Fiume Inondo'," for example, smoothly slips from classical into folk, then picks up speed and force spinning into improvisational jazz (with stunning work from D'Amora). There's a clean break before the band then launches into prog rock, with the electric guitars and organ now coming to the fore, before the piece returns to its classically styled opening. Each song seems to hold a single musical theme, which undergoes dramatic variations as the piece progresses, with Fix key to the improv jazz segments, and Verde and D'Amora to the classical/folk/prog sections, with Sorrenti adding another stylistic layer on top. On the highly experimental "Trieste Poeta di Corte," she even sallies forth into Yoko Ono territory. Extraordinarily deft arrangements hold the pieces together, allowing the band to sound like escapees from the Canterbury scene one minute and a top-notch jazz unit the next. However, with Fix's departure, and the arrival of a new group of musicians, Saint Just's sound would alter dramatically.



Structures Sonores

Structures Sonores Orchestra on tour in the U.S. in 1962.

In 1952, Bernard and François Baschet reveal a new acoustic principle. They manage to amplify the internal vibration of metal, thus founding a new acoustic instrumental family, the "sound structures".
Joined by the Lasry family, they found in the late 50s the Structures Sonores Orchestra.

Mister Blues is a 7” single by the Structures Sonores Orchestra released by Unidisc in 1962.

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Four tracks by Hans-Joachim Roedelius

Assyrian stone instrument used to make astrological calculations and
forecasts derived from observations of the moon (IIIrd Millenium BC)

Roedelius is best known as the co-founder of Kluster, and for his collaborations with Brian Eno and Conrad Shnitzler. Here are some compositions extracted from his personnal series Selbstportrait.

Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Minne (from Selbstportrait I, 1979)
Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Gewiss (from Selbstportrait II, 1980)
Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Frohgemut (from Selbstportrait VI, 2010)
Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Shoener Abend (from Selbstportrait VI, 2010)

It might be Alphée...


Exotica Weirdness Mixtape

The event is the journey back.

Moondog, Cosmic Meditation
Lex Baxter, Pyramid of the Sun
Janco Nilovic, African Dream
Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Portrait of Those Beautiful Ladies
Max Roach, All Africa
OLAibi, Eisa
Mohammad Nouri, Biya Bar-e Safar Bandim
Bob Chance, Jungle Talk
Roland Bocquet, Amour 5 sur 5
Charanjit Singhn, Raga Megh Malhar
Abecedarians, Classic
Giorgio Moroder, Percussiv
Haruomi Hosono, Shambala Signal
Pantha du Prince, Bells
Vladimir Cosma, Berger Athénien
Coro della SAT, Ninna Nanna
Tonte Theintan, Lover Of The Winter And Snow
Os Jovens Do Prenda, Lamento de Mãe
Johnny Guitar, Bangkok by Night
Jeans Wilder, In my Dreams
Dolphins into the Future, On the High Seas
Nuno Canavarro, untitled

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Get Wasted with Heavenly Father !

In terms of church hysteria, at 1'51'', this song turns to madness. At 5'50'', it goes a bit too far.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah 2000


Quand fondra la neige où ira le blanc

Hans Peter Klauser, Schöne Chläuse in Urnäsch, 1944

Sunn O))), Cursed Realms (of the Winterdemons)
David Sylvian & Holger Czukay, Plight (The Spiralling of Winter Ghosts)
Ash Ra Tempel, L'Hiver Doux
Neil Young, Winterlong
Gérard Manset, La Neige est Blanche



"Cocaine nearly killed me. But what I regret the most was taking tranquilizers." (Stevie Nicks to Q Magazine, May 2001)

Stephanie Lynn "Stevie" Nicks (born May 26, 1948) is an American singer-songwriter, best known for her work with Fleetwood Mac and an extensive solo career, which collectively have produced over forty Top 50 hits and sold over 140 million albums. She has been noted for her ethereal visual style and symbolic lyrics.
Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac on December 31, 1974, along with her then boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham. Fleetwood Mac's second album after the incorporation of Nicks and Buckingham, 1977's Rumours, produced four U.S. Top 10 singles (including Nicks' song "Dreams", which was the band's first and only U.S. number one) and remained at #1 on the American albums chart for 31 weeks, as well as reaching the top spot in various countries around the world. To date the album has sold over 40 million copies worldwide.
Nicks began her solo career in 1981 with the 8 million selling album Bella Donna, and she has produced five more solo studio albums to date. Her seventh solo studio album, and her first in ten years, is currently in post-production with Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame at the helm, and is due for release on May 3, 2011.
After the release of her first solo album, Rolling Stone deemed her "The Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll". Overcoming cocaine addiction, dependency on tranquilizers, and chronic fatigue syndrome, Nicks remains a popular solo performer. (from Wikipedia)

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Deux jours après la visite de Téthys par Cassini, la sonde s’est approchée à 500 kilomètres de l’une des plus petites et plus étranges lunes de la planète aux anneaux. Hypérion possède la forme d’une pomme de terre: 360 kilomètres long, pour seulement environ 250 kilomètres de large. Sa rotation est chaotique, elle tournoie de manière imprévisible sous l'influence de la gravité de Saturne et de Titan. Elle est de plus exceptionnellement sombre pour une lune de Saturne, réfléchissant seulement 30% de la lumière qu’elle reçoit, avec une teinte distinctement rouge.
Les images de Cassini montrent un monde torturé, morcelé par des cratères et ceinturé par une falaise géante dont les parois mesure des dizaines de kilomètres de haut. La question à laquelle on demande à la sonde Cassini de répondre est pourquoi Hypérion est si difforme quand d'autres astéroïdes et de lunes de taille similaire sont beaucoup plus sphériques. Une hypothèse est que ce satellite de Saturne soit un fragment d'une plus grande lune qui s’est brisée sous la force d’un impact violent.
Pendant le survol, le radar de Cassini a également enregistré de légères modifications de la vitesse du vaisseau. Ceci donnera une idée de la force de gravité d’Hypérion, et donc de sa masse. Les scientifiques espèrent découvrir si la lune est un rocher solide et plein ou si elle est composée d’une "pile de rocaille" vaguement tassée. L'équipe de Cassini devrait également pouvoir cartographier la compostion chimique de la surface de Hypérion pour découvrir si celle-ci est saupoudrée de particules sombres dérivant depuis la lune externe Phoebé.

(Source : NASA)

Hyperion, Kaduna (Part I)


Radiant Solipsism

Jaipur Observatory (Rajasthan)

Lightdreams, Atmospheric Dreams
Psychic TV, Godstar (California mix)
John Martyn, Go Easy
Nuno Canavarro, Untitled
Jeans Wilder, Sugar Water


Matter Wave

Size, The Chocolate Grinder
NASA - Voyager Space Sounds, Miranda
Tom Lehrer, The Element Song

Songs that are Sung without Words

Ann Lee's tomb ; Artemis Sculpture in Selçuk Museum

Mother Ann Lee (28 February 1736 – 8 September 1784) was the leader of the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, or Shakers. In 1774 she and a small group of her followers emigrated from England to New York. After several years, they gathered at Niskayuna, renting land from the Manor of Rensselaerswyck, Albany County, New York (the area now called Colonie). They worshiped by ecstatic dancing or "shaking", which dubbed them as the Shaking Quakers, or Shakers. Lee developed radical religious convictions that advocated celibacy and the abandonment of marriage, as well as the importance of pursuing perfection in every facet of life. She differed from the Quakers, who, though they supported gender equality, allowed marriage and sexual relations.
In 1758 she joined the Wardleys, an English sect founded by Jane and preacher James Wardley; this was the precursor to the Shaker sect. She believed in and taught her followers that it is possible to attain perfect holiness by giving up sexual relations. Like her predecessors, the Wardleys, she taught that the shaking and trembling were caused by sin being purged from the body by the power of the Holy Spirit, purifying the worshiper.
In England Ann Lee rose to prominence by urging other believers to preach more publicly concerning the imminent second coming and to attack sin more boldly and unconventionally. She spoke of visions and messages from God, claiming that she had received a vision from God the message that celibacy and confession of sin are the only true road to salvation, the only way in which the Kingdom of God could be established on the earth. She was frequently imprisoned for breaking the Sabbath by dancing and shouting, and for blasphemy.
Ann Lee recognized how revolutionary her ideas were when she said, "We [the Shakers] are the people who turned the world upside down." Lee was also neutral during the American Revolution. Maintaining the position that they were pacifists, Ann Lee and her followers did not side with either the British or the colonists.
There were also songs attributed to her which were sung without words. The followers of Mother Ann came to believe that she embodied all the perfections of God in female form. The fact that Ann Lee considered herself to be Christ’s female counterpart was unique. She preached that sinfulness could be avoided by not only treating men and women equally, but also by keeping them separated so as to prevent any sort of temptation leading to impure acts.
She died at Watervliet and is buried in the Shaker cemetery located in the Watervliet Shaker Historic District.

(from Wikipedia)

Tout comme Athéna et Hestia, Artémis est une déesse « vierge ». Elle a demandé a son père de garder sa virginité pour toujours à cause de l'aversion pour le mariage que lui a donné sa mère dès la naissance. Improprement considérée par les mythocritiques jusqu'au xixe siècle comme « chaste », jusqu'à ce que Jean-Pierre Vernant éclaire davantage les adjectifs accolés à son nom. Artémis est parthenos, la vierge qui s'occupe du feu, ou, comme le rapporte Plutarque, celle qui s’abstient de tout commerce sexuel avec des hommes. Elle punit sévèrement les hommes qui tentent de la séduire : « tristes noces, celles que briguèrent Otos et Orion7 ». Quand Actéon la surprend par hasard dans son bain, elle le métamorphose en cerf et le fait déchirer par ses propres chiens.

(from Wikipedia)

Gunn-Trucinski duo, Taksim II