Dromogramme Two, Selected by Armando Andrade Tudela

John Fahey, Red Cross, Disciple Of Christ Today
Deerhunter, Curve
Khmer Folk and Pop Music, BlueBasket
Cluster, Helle Melange
Six Organs Of Admittance, Shadow Of A Dune
Caetano Veloso, Araçá Azul

Green Grin


A Brief History of Heroism

Appendix Out, Ritual Ingestion Of A Yellow Rhizome
David Grubbs, An Optimist Declines
Eric Chenaux, Love Don't Change
Bedhead, The Dark Ages
Ilyas Ahmed, Love after Love
The Occasion, Cannery Hours
Tamaryn, Love Fade repost
Neil Young & The Harvesters, Grey Riders

I Had a Dream


Moon Glyph

Once, Joanna
The Smoke, Unbrella



God's Voice

Vox Dei is an Argentine rock band credited for recording the country's first concept album, "La Biblia" (1971).

Vox Dei, Genesis

A very big thank you to Armando Andrade Tudela for this.


Exotica Weirdness (Levitation)

Inoyama Land, Schüffer
Inoyama Land, Apple Star

Distant years

Franz Scheurer & Murray Hinder, Sunday Morning
David Habeck, Twenty Years Now
Sansone & McDonald, Nature


Exotica Weirdness (Ghost Dance)

Francis Bebey, Akwaaba
Francis Bebey, Bissau