Now You're Hanging on a Star (Cosmic Heroes Mixtape)

Here is another Autumn mixtape, that follows our previous one entitled When we were Lightining (you can download it here). Even if the two are posted separately, they were conceived in the meantime, both composed as a sort double mirror, and mixed live, with all the mistakes that go with it. They could be listened at one after each other - if you ever want to. These twin music selections are lying in between mourning and the celebration of life. Yes, they are dedicated to two beloved persons who disappeared, strangely, in the meantime: the first one is our ever admired friend, graphic designer Frédéric Teschner. The second one, to our dearest friend curator and writer Lionnel Gras. You are really gone too soon, friends. Please forgive us if this comes much too late. But don't make us wrong, these tapes are also - and as well if they were composed in memory of the loss - addressed to life, through all its dimensions. They are dedicated to the beloved ones that are still here and around with us, and to the ever lasting friendship (what's the difference, who can tell, in a way?). They are dedicated to You, the ones who will always be unconditionally loved. You will - well, hopefully - recognize yourselves. 


Jason Molina AKA Songs: Ohia, The Body Burned Away
Kurt Vile and Steve Gunn, Pretty Boy (Randy Newman)
Sharon Van Etten, Remembering Mountains (Karen Dalton)
Dave Bixby, Drug Song
Robbie Basho, Rocky Mountain Raga
Nick Drake, Hanging on a Star
Chris Cohen, Yesterday’s On My Mind
C Duncan, Novices
Kevin Morby, Dorothy
Car Seat Headrest, Cosmic Hero
Itasca, Carousel
Randy Newman, God's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind)
Bedhead, The Rest Of The Day