When we were Lightning (Another Summer Mixtape)

Arthur Russell, Tower of Meaning (fragment)
Duane Pitre, Bayou Electric (fragment)
Wilson Tanner, Long Water 
Eno and Hyde, Cells and Bells
Broadcast, Tears in the Typing Pool (repost)
Linda Perhacs, Chimacum Rain (demo)
Marissa Nadler, Dissolve
Malicorne, Le Luneux
Alasdair Roberts, Plaint of Lapwing
Bitchin Bajas and Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Despair Is Criminal
Sean McCann, Language of Night
Tim Hecker, Transitive Refraction Axis for John Oswald
Jason Molina AKA Songs: Ohia, The Black Crow

Mixed in Rome, during the Full Moon Phase.



Erase and Replace (Summer Mixtape)

Mark Isham, Sympathy And Acknowledgement
Czeslaw Niemen, Loneliness Community
Elicoide, Mitosi
Basil Kirchin & Jack Nathan, New Born
Steve Kindler, Back Country
Akiko Yano, Funamachi Uta (Part I)
Michiko Akao, Prajna Paramita
Mu Project, Innocence
Masumi Hara, Kimi No Yume
Yousui Inoue, Pi Po Pa
Masayoshi Takanaka, Just Chuckle
Woo, Robots Dancing
Albert Giménez, Java
Toshifumi Hinata, In The Light
Ippu-Do, Alone / Never Mind
Yuji Ohno, Good Night Future Man
Kate Bush, In The Garden (demo)