60 minutes of LP rips, youtube rips, re-posts, a christian song and some new gems.

Scott Bartlett, The Making of Off (audio excerpt)
Timber Timbre, Souvenirs
Jeans Wilder, Song for Joseph
Dan Melchior, Riding Like Rommel
Pink Reason, Trush
Henri Roger, Ataraxie
Biff Rose, When We're Together & Love All The Time
Big Star, Holocaust
John Martyn, Go Easy
Judy Roderick, Two Hobboes
Graham Davies, The Road Is Hard
Michael Chapman, Soulfull Lady
Serge Gainsbourg, L'Anamour
Ros Sereysothea, Kairch Har Cut Stung (Bowl Flies Across the Creek)
David Byrne, Winter

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In Advance of the Summer

"In Vegas, things cast no shadow..."

Tod Rundgren feat. Stevie Nicks, Hello It's Me (Live, May 1978)
Steely Dan, Haitian Divorce
Fleetwood Mac, Tusk repost
Tom Tom Club, As Above, so Below
Marianne Faithfull, Vanilla O'Lay

Love is the Drug



Thurston Moore, Orchard Street
Deerhunter, Desire Lines
Best Coast, The End
Country Teasers, I Get Hard
Daniel Higgs, O Come And Walk Along (for S.)

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The Unknown

Here is an untitled mixtape, sent to /S/M/S/, on a special day of 2010, very well but mysteriously titled "2010", accompanied by the only promising words of "Massiera! Massiera!" (from the cult figure of Jean-Pierre Massiera) responding to a post of Esoterika Dance Tracks composed of songs by Bruce Haack, Les Maledictus Sounds and Bobby Beausoleil along with a very haunting picture by Kenneth Anger. It is now time to pay homage to this unknown but very well intentioned person who sent this actually very nice mix of "incredibly strange" synthetizer based French music.

Anonymous, Untitled Mixtape, 2010

Judy Roderick

Judy Roderick (feat. David Crosby), Don't You Rocka Daddy-O
Judy Roderick, Two Hobboes
Judy Roderick, Mistreated


Anonymous photograph. Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty - North Shore of The Great Salt Lake, Utah: Salt crystals found in the water.

Ducktails, Crystal Vision
Steve Gunn, Crystal Mysteries
Tim Blake, Crystal Presence
Michel Genest, Crystal Cave
Chris Weisman & Greg Davis, Crystal Under Brattleboro


Over Tanned Exotica Weirdness

The Walker Brothers, The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (R.I.P.)
Electropic, Affaires Etrangères
David Koven, Samba Maria


Clip de Jean-Christophe AVERTY
Charens Luys

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On Love, and Negation

Born in Bucharest the son of a Jewish tailor, he spoke Yiddish, Romanian, German, and French. During 1938, he traveled frequently to Paris where he was introduced to the Surrealist circles. World War II and the official antisemitism in Romania forced him into local exile. During the short pre-Communist period of Romanian independence, he founded a Surrealist artists group, together with Gellu Naum, Paul Păun, Virgil Teodorescu and Dolfi Trost.
His first publications, including poems in French followed. He was the inventor of cubomania and, with Dolfi Trost, the author of the statement "Dialetic of Dialectic" in 1945. Harassed in Romania and caught while trying to flee the country, the self-called étran-juif ("StranJew") finally left Romania in 1952, and moved to Paris through Israel.
There he worked among others with Jean Arp, Paul Celan, François Di Dio and Max Ernst, producing numerous collages, drawings, objects, and text-installations. From 1967, his reading sessions took him to places like Stockholm, Oslo, Geneva, New York City, and San Francisco.
In 1994, he was expelled from his apartment officially for "hygiene reasons." Luca had spent forty years in France without papers and could not cope. On February 9, at the age of 80, he committed suicide by jumping into the Seine.

Gherasim Luca, Passionnément (music by Colleen, as heard on Atelier de Création Radiophonique on France Culture, 2005)



Sun Araw, Major Grotto


Big Ear

Frances Densmore (May 21, 1867 – June 5, 1957) was an American ethnographer and ethnomusicologist, both being divisions of study within anthropology. She was born in Red Wing, Minnesota, and specialized in Native American music and culture.
As a child Densmore developed an appreciation of music by listening to the nearby Dakota Indians. During the early part of the twentieth century, she worked as a music teacher with Native Americans nationwide, while also learning, recording, and transcribing their music, and documenting its use in their culture.
She helped preserve their culture in a time when white settlers were encouraging Native Americans to adopt Western customs.
Densmore began recording music officially for the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of American Ethnology (BAE) in 1907. Many of the recordings she made on behalf of the BAE now are held in the Library of Congress. While her original recordings often were on wax cylinders, many of them have been reproduced using other media and are included in other archives. The recordings may be accessed by researchers as well as tribal delegations.
Some of the tribes she worked with include the Chippewa, the Mandan, Hidatsa, the Sioux, the northern Pawnee of Oklahoma, the Papago of Arizona, Indians of Washington and British Columbia, Winnebago and Menominee of Wisconsin, Pueblo Indians of the southwest, the Seminoles of Florida, and even the Kuna Indians of Panama.
Densmore frequently was published in the journal American Anthropologist, contributing consistently throughout her career. She wrote "The Indians and Their Music" in 1926. She also was a part of "A Ventriloquy of Anthros" in the American Indian Quarterly along with James Owen Dorsey and Eugene Buechel.

Camille Bryen, Poème pour phono

Rose / Castoreum

1. Rhys Chatham, Guitar Trio
2. The Soft Moon, Parallels
3. Aphex Twin, Fingerbib
4. Green Velvet, Preacher Man