THE WORLD AS PARODY by Nathaniel Mellors

A special guest post by Nathaniel Mellors on the occasion of ‘Ourhouse E3 feat. BAD COPY’ at Matt's Gallery, London.

Ourhouse - Trailer Feb 2012 from Nathaniel Mellors on Vimeo.

Page 3 of Matt's Gallery's current white-book "Ourhouse E3 feat. BAD COPY"

My mate Chris told me this was written by some French bloke :

MAD DOG DEON; On & Off Script.

Mad Dog Deon, improving Jeremy Kyle’s world. Jeremy Kyle is always in control of the script. But Mad Dog has written his own script - on his face.


Crispin Glover also writes his own scripts – on Letterman’s face:

a classic.

And the return appearance – Crispin’s 2nd strategy is hysterical

I like the way Crispin avoids doing anything but laugh up until the break. Interestingly, Letterman is not very interested in the interesting. Then Crispin produces a FORM of SCULPTURE and becomes highly animated.

And the third appearance – invocation of the doppelganger.

Ourhouse E3 feat. Bad Copy (2012) - installation view, Matt's Gallery, London.

The animatronic sculpture ‘BAD COPY’ is an elaboration of the double character Dr.Tony /Father Griffin played by Roger Sloman, an actor that I grew up with and always loved, he permeates British TV comedy from the 1970’s onwards. For example here’s ‘3 Fingered Pete’ from Blackadder (1983)


CAVE MODERN - people are re-noticing the connection between I.T. and geology.  It’s all media, innit!? In Britain and Ireland everything is made out of stone – all the buildings and the peoples too. Maybe this is why we struggle with sculpture – it’s petrifying (1).


A. 1971 The Stone Tape

B. 1977  The Children of the Stones

C. 1981 Stig of the Dumpstone

BAD COPY COPY BAD warming to this theme, a current exhibition:

As the Chaff’ said to me as we perambulated ourselves through the rooms of ‘Picasso and Modern British Art’,  “apparently there was none”.

So, to conclude then :

BJ THE MESSENGER – “Crackhead"

(1) See ‘Venus of Truson’, etc.