The Fanciful Horizon

In 1975 Bas Jan Ader disappeared at sea while trying to sail from the East Coast of the United States to Europe as part of a project titled In Search of the Miraculous.

"As long as we can sail away
As long as we can sail away
There'll be wind in the canyon
Moon on the rise
As long as we can sail away
As long as we can sail away."
Neil Young, Sail Away

"I set sail
On this crucifixion Friday
With the stormy heavens
Crushing the sea
And my heart
With dying."
J.P. Donleavy, The Ginger Man

"Je suis né dans un port et depuis mon enfance
J’ai vu passer par là des pays bien divers.
Attentif à la brise et toujours en partance.
Mon cœur n’a jamais pris le chemin de la mer."
Jean de La Ville de Mirmont, L'horizon chimérique

Tim Buckley - Star Sailor
Van Dyke Parks - Sailin' Shoes
Neil Young with Crazy Horse - Through My Sails
The Cryan' Shames - The Sailing Ship
The Shins - Girl Sailor
The Verve - Star Sail
Neil Young - Sail Away
Rod Stewart - Sailing
Liars - Sailing To Byzantium

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