Jim Shaw, Dream Object (Elephant Trunk), 2007

“I would say Oist music is mostly rooted in Sun Ra's music. His music was a very particular mix of american classic jazz with ritual improvisation, traditional influences and avant-garde sounds, a strange type of futurist Exotica. Oist music has also a ritual function. It is rooted in american popular culture, there's a lot americana in it, but it is mainly improvised and the vocal part of it is very specific. I love Pygmy music, for an example: it is maybe my favourite music. I don't understand why people are always singing the same way.”

Jim Shaw in discussion with the author about A Tone, Meant for Your Sins, a musical performance soon in Turin on the occasion of "Blinding the Ears".

Other music:

"Gabon, Musiques des Pygmées Bibayak", Dialogues avec le esprits (1996)

Sun Ra, from "Lanquidity", There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of) (1978)

Secret Chiefs 3, from "First Grand Constitution", Assassin's Blade (2000)