American Primitive: remember Jack Rose (1971-2009)

"Rose was the premier American Primitive guitarist of his generation, furthering the experiments in guitar soli of John Fahey and Robbie Basho while factoring in wildcart influences drawn in avant rock , improvisation and drone. Rose was a member of Pelt alongside Patrick Best and Mike Gangloff, a group that metamorphosed from a straightforward noise rock project to an improvisatory ensemble that extended American folk traditions into eternal music settings inspired by minimalist composers and devotional music." (The Wire)

On December 5, 2009, Jack Rose, age 38, has died of a heart attack in his home town of Philadelphia, 10 years after having composed Ghosts Are Never Forgiven with his group Pelt, in 1999.

Pelt, Ghosts Are Never Forgiven, from "Empty Bell Ringing in the Sky" (1999)
Jack Rose, Now that I'm a Man Full Grown II, from "Kensington Blues" (2005)
Jack Rose, Cross the North Fork, from "Kensington Blues" (2005)