Soft as Snow but Warm Inside (Soft Power vol. 3)

Miami Vice series finale, "Freefall".

Turn the volume up, drive slow. Put your dark sunglasses, and preferably a flanel costume. Slowly bang your head, and listen to the sound of this "Soft Power" volume 3 selection of synthetic tracks: the landscape becomes more contrasted, the road softer, the trip straighter. Here it is, cold and ecstatic:

Tangerine Dream., Love on a Real Train
Jan Hammer, Crockett's Theme
John Carpenter, Wake Up
Russ Ballard, In the Night
Hall & Oates. Out of Touch
Ariel Pink, Can't Hear my Eyes
Arsenal, Rondo
Oneohtrix Point Never, Nobody Here
Matrix Metals, Tanning Salon Part 2 repost

(To be played in this right order for full effect)