Are you real

"The Planet of the Apes meets Cannibal Holocaust meets Thundarr the Barbarian", "the first hypnagogic metal band", or even "part Sabbath and part Residents", here are few tracks by Dwarr, taken from the albums "Starting Over" (1985) and "Animals" (1986).

Genre(s): Doom/Heavy Metal
Lyrical theme(s): christian devotion, horror, drugs, personal issues
Origin: United States of America (Columbia, South Carolina)
Formed in: 1981
Label: WARR Enterprises
Current line-up: Duane Warr - All Instruments, Vocals
Former/past member(s): Ron Sparks - Session Percussion
Additional notes: The best way to describe his music would be Hard Psych Rock with Doom and Heavy elements

Reach for the Fire, from "Starting Over"
Christmas Shopping, from "Starting Over"
Ghost Lover, from "Animals"
Lucky Star, from "Animals"
Lonely Space Traveller, from "Animals"

Are you real (video)