Autoportrait d'un schizophrène

Eric Duvivier, Autoportrait d'un schizophrène, 1977

This documentary movie was shot by Eric Duvivier with Professor D.J. Duché in 1977. Starring actor and film maker Pierre Clementi, it is conceived as a self portrait of a schizophreniac. Produced in a medical context, it appears, in fact, to be visionary visual poem trying to render the audiovisual perception of the world by a man who is subject to schizophrenia in the Paris of the late 70's. Featuring (I suppose) shots by Clementi himself and ghostly psychedelic evocations of Léo Ferré and free jazz music an astronaut, parisian dandies and a white mask, the Pompidou Centre and Light Conical Intersect by Gordon Matta-Clark...

More soon about Duvivier.