Free record of the week: Danger Doom's Occult Hymn

Danger Doom, Occult Hymn
Adult Swim, 2006

Occult Hymn is a follow-up EP to Danger Doom's debut album The Mouse & The Mask. It contains seven tracks and was released as a free download at Adult Swim's website on May 30, 2006. Its name is a reference to a line in Danger Doom's song A.T.H.F., and intentionally rhymes with "Adult Swim."

1. "Skit 1" – Featuring Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
2. "El Chupa Nibre Remix" – Featuring characters from SquidBillies & The Sheriff
3. "Perfect Hair II" – Featuring characters from Perfect Hair Forever (Contains a sample of "Hogan's Thing" by Simon Haseley)
4. "Korn Dogz" – Featuring characters from 12 oz. Mouse.(Contains sample of "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams" by Nico)
5. "Skit 2" – Featuring characters from Minoriteam
6. "Sofa King Remix" – Featuring characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
7. "Space Ho's (Madlib Remix)" (Contains a sample of "An Afterthought" by Black Widow (band) and "pénélope au balcon" by CHUTE LIBRE)