Terry Riley, A Dervesh In The Nursery
Francois 'Faton' Cahen, Musharabieh
John Cage, Dream
Peter Garland, Hermetic Bird
Alice Coltrane, Turiya And Ramakrishna
The Keith Tippett Group, Green And Orange Night Park
The Open Window, Piano Concerto No. 1 In G Major
R. Stevie Moore, Goodbye Piano
Riyuichi Sakamoto, The Sheltering Sky Theme [Piano Version]
Sun City Girls, Vine Street Piano
Tsegué-Maryam Guébrou, Evening Breeze
Stevie Nicks, Rhiannon [Piano Version]
Erik Satie, Gymnopédies (3), for piano (also orchestrated by Debussy): Gymnopedie No 01, Interpreted by Pascal Rogé

To Francois 'Faton' Cahen (1944-2011)