After Apocalypse

In 1974, Gilbert Deflez, who officiates as a karate coach, but who is better known as a science fiction writer, radio host, story teller and voice actor for his weekly radio show on Europe 1, as he decides that his only novel Je Suis Vivant Mais J'ai Peur ("I'm alive but I'm scared") needs a soundtrack, invites Jacky Chalard, the ex-bassist of the parisian prog-rock band Dynastie Crisis, to conceive the music.

The result is this surrealist cosmic concept album, which cover pretty much says it all : imagine Vangelis' 1971 The Dragon flying over La Planète Sauvage with a Roland Jupiter-8 synth, a Bentley Rythm Ace, and an unthinkable amount of grass. Absolutely delirious Lovecraftian texts, freakish fables obviously written on drugs, spacey synth prog atmospherics, definitely non-euclidean geometrization of affects... this is the kind of typically french psychedelia you'll find in this LP (which aslo contains the track Corto Maltese, immediately branded as 'Exotica Weirdness' epitome, and the utterly massive hit Super Man, Super Cool) :

Jacky Chalard & Gilbert Deflez, Je Suis Vivant Mais J'ai Peur (1974)