Piano Version (Summer Mix)

Jordan De La Sierra, Sphere of Sublime Dances (excerpt) (more here)
Sox, Awake (more here)
Terry Riley, In the Summer (more here)
Blues Control, Open Air (more here)
Kamil Efendi, Hicaz Taksim (more here)
Heidi Harris, Harlen and the Radio (more here)
Peter Jefferies and Jono Lonie, Piano (One) (more here)
The Durutti Column, Mirror B (more here)
Frederic Rzewski, Attica (more here)
Blue Gene Tyranny, Leading a Double Life (more here)
Oronzo De Filippi, Meccanizzazione Agraria (more here)
Galt MacDermont and his mid Manhattan rhythm section, Alive in Dar-Es-Salaam (more here)
Biff Rose, Paradise Almost Lost (poem) (more here)
Dan Fox, Occasionally (more here)
Nicky Hopkins, Sundown in Mexico (more here)